Is Your Mercedes AirMatic System Failing?

Is Your Mercedes AirMatic System Failing?

Can a Failing AirMatic System Damage My Mercedes?

It’s no secret that Mercedes Benz drivers love their luxury cars. Acclaimed for their superior power and performance capabilities, Mercedes vehicles are the embodiment of supreme German engineering.

Mercedes cars are equipped with a unique suspension system called the AirMatic system. This innovative system ensures your utmost comfort, regardless of road conditions, and can be adjusted with just a push of a button.

But if this essential system starts to fail, how will it affect your Mercedes?

Thankfully, the Mercedes repair technicians at Euromotion in Raleigh, North Carolina, have the answers you’re looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about AirMatic system failure and how it will affect the rest of your vehicle.

How AirMatic System Failure Can Impact Your Mercedes

If the valves in your car’s AirMatic system start to fail, you may notice that your ride is bouncier than average. AirMatic system troubles can also trigger the “Air Suspension Failure” warning light on your dashboard. If this happens, you should never ignore this indicator. Your Mercedes will activate its “Stop Vehicle Too Low” notification if you do.

If you see the latter, book an auto repair appointment right away. This light means that the entire body of your Mercedes is sitting dangerously low to the ground, increasing your risk of an accident.

What Caused My AirMatic System to Fail?

There are several reasons that your Mercedes’ AirMatic system is having issues. One of the main reasons for AirMatic system failure is a problem with the air suspension compressor. This essential component produces the compressed air in the suspension. A faulty air suspension compressor can result in low pressure, creating suspension troubles.

Another culprit behind AirMatic system problems is a blown fuse. If the fuse blows, your entire suspension system could fail to operate.

Lastly, an air strut leak could blame AirMatic system failure. A leaking air strut can cause your Mercedes to drop on one side.

Raleigh’s Go-To Mercedes Service Center

If you think your AirMatic system is failing, contact the Mercedes repair and maintenance technicians at Euromotion in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our European auto facility works exclusively on import vehicles, allowing us to provide you with exceptional services.

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